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Interview w/ Neon Navajo

Josh from Team Ninja sat down(not really) with Earl from LA based alt-electronic thrashers NEON NAVAJO.

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NINJA TEAM GO!  Who are the band members and who does what?

NEON NAVAJO Miller on Keys, Rhett on Skinz, Earl(me) on the bottom end. We all do vocals.

NINJA TEAM GO!  Where and when did you guys meet and where did you begin practicing?

NEON NAVAJO I first met Rhett at a party in the valley. He was super drunk and i never wanted to see him again. After hanging out a few more times i felt bad for him and started sticking up for him when people were making fun of him. Don’t fuck with the boy, i love him. I first heard about Miller from some of our mutual ex-girlfriends. When i played a Foo Fighters song on an acoustic, it reminded her of him haha. I first saw him at a Cattle Decapitation show in canoga park. Rhett asked me to join the band at a Dragonforce show, and i said: “Maybe?”. After listening to some songs on Myspace, i was in like Quinn.

NINJA TEAM GO!  How would you describe your music style?

NEON NAVAJO Fucking spiritual. Reminders of bad mushroom trips in the woods. Flashbacks and Deja vu. Space?

NINJA TEAM GO!  What is your writing process like?

NEON NAVAJO I put in as much input as i can, sometimes writing shaping lyrics. I always write my own basslines, but i don’t mind direction because i kinda feel my way around it. Miller writes most of the songs alone at home, which i respect, and he’s yet to put a song together that i don’t like :)

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NINJA TEAM GO!  Where do you get your inspiration from?

NEON NAVAJO My inspirations are too broad to list. To put it shortly, my inspiration comes from relations, not as in intercourse, but relations between objects, situations, people, the world, etc.

NINJA TEAM GO!  Where is Neon Navajo going? Where do you see yourselves in the future?

NEON NAVAJO World domination? On tour with groupies and cash?

NINJA TEAM GO!  Is there anything that needs to be said or deserves mentioning?

NEON NAVAJO Our mommies, daddies, brothers and sisters… and Isabelle.

NINJA TEAM GO!  Are you working on a new record? If so, when do you expect it’s release?

NEON NAVAJO Hopefully a rad seven-inch with weird colors/designs (hatchet or arrowhead shapes please!). Maybe a split with some other crazy fools…